Your mark of professionalism

Associate Membership recognises people professionals who demonstrate excellence by supporting the delivery of people solutions or hold a relevant CIPD qualification.

Achieving Associate (Assoc CIPD) status will:

  • Demonstrate you possess up-to-date and relevant skills and knowledge.
  • Speak volumes for your commitment towards good practice, continuing professional development and our Code of Professional Conduct.
  • Ensure you remain relevant and more employable.

What we're looking for

To achieve Associate Membership, you’ll need to successfully complete a CIPD Certificate or Diploma qualification, or have at least one year’s recent experience in a role which is hands-on, supporting the delivery of people solutions.

If you have recent work experience, then you’re typically...

  • Working operationally and using your people expertise to meet business needs (for example, by supporting people projects or providing advice on people practice and policy).
  • Contributing to the thinking around the people practices you support.
  • Analysing information and evidence to build insights into organisation and people issues.
  • Influencing a number of stakeholders such as your colleagues and customers.
  • Responsible for your own work and working collaboratively with a range of people across the organisation.
  • Having an operational impact, changing the day-to-day people approach for your customers and colleagues.
  • Creating short- to medium-term value for employees or your organisation (value which is sustained over a few months or more).

All Associate Members need to:

  • Be aware of a range of people practices, and how your work impacts other people practices in your organisation.
  • Have a good understanding of your organisation and the issues it faces.

Explore the Associate Membership standards

The membership grades are now aligned with the levels of our new Profession Map. If you are interested in coming into Associate Membership via Experience Assessment, use the membership standards to determine if this is the right membership level for you.

What people say about being an Associate Member

Dipesh Mistry

The CIPD has completely transformed my career and it's helped to get me to where I am now as an eLearning manager.

Dipesh Mistry

Assoc CIPD, eLearning Manager

Rebecca Watts

For me being recognised as a member of the CIPD gives me credibility. It reassures the Exec team and the board that I know what I am doing.

Rebecca Watts, Assoc CIPD

HR and L&D Project Manager for Health Education England

Member benefits to support you

A wealth of business insight, essential knowledge and expert legal advice ensures you’re pro-active, insightful and confident in your role. You can make professional connections, expand your learning and career opportunities, plus save on books, events, training courses and more. Take a look at some key benefits for Associate Members.

Local branch network

Local branch network

How to become an Associate Member

There are two ways:

What’s the best route for you?

Use our interactive tools to find the best route into membership for you. If you’re already a member, find the best route for upgrading your membership.

The total cost of membership is dependent on whether you are becoming a member for the first time, renewing your membership, re-joining, or upgrading to a different grade of membership or coming into membership via the Experience Assessment route.

Associate Member fee for up to 12 months* (from 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021): £163.

You can pay by card or through direct debit instalments, and you’ll need to renew your membership annually on 1 July. We’ll send you renewal information well before the due date to remind you how much is due.

Fees for our routes to becoming an Associate Member:

Experience Assessment route Fee
One-off assessment fee £1,996
Joining fee £40
12-month Associate Member fee* £163
Total £2,199

The assessment fee is non-refundable.

Study a qualification route Fee
Qualification fee Set by individual study centres
Joining fee £40
12-month Student Member fee* £98
Total Qualification fee and £138

Once you finish your qualification, you’ll start paying the Associate Member fee at your next renewal on 1 July.

If you’ve already finished a CIPD accredited qualification, call us +44 (0)20 8612 6208 to find out whether you can become an Associate Member.

Re-joining Fee
Re-joining fee £40
12-month Associate Member fee* £163
Total £203

*Depending on when you join in the year, we offer different membership fee options.

Not sure if Associate Member is right for you?

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