What is the back-to-work scheme?

The back-to-work programme is free for members who have been out of work (unemployed) and actively seeking work for at least six months. As part of our ongoing commitment to support you throughout your career, this tailored 4 week programme will help you return to work after an extended period owing to:

  • redundancy
  • maternity
  • career break

Outplacement scheme

We have partnered with LHH Penna who will provide out of work CIPD members with a tailored outplacement programme for one month, accessed from one of their UK offices or website. The service will consist of:

  • a workshop
  • a one-to-one career coaching session
  • access to CRN, LHH Penna’s online support tool
  • access to one of LHH Penna’s office locations for one month.

How will this scheme benefit me?

You will be provided with high quality support tailored to your personal preferences. Drawing on over 40 years of experience, this blended support programme will:

  • help you explore and evaluate your options
  • identify goals and opportunities
  • devise an effective plan to progress quickly
  • give you valuable career management skills in the process.

About LHH Penna's CRN

An online career portal
Containing premium jobs search databases, world-class company and industry research, career planning and assessment tools, seminars, webinars, blogs, e-learning tools as well as information on training, retirement and self-employment, LHH Penna's Career Resource Network (CRN), provides a wealth of information and resources 24/7/365 to help you identify, plan and secure your next career move.

Am I eligible?

To be eligible you must:

  • have held CIPD membership for at least the last two years. (This may include a period on the ‘hardship’ register).
  • have been out of work (unemployed) and actively seeking work for at least six months. (Work is defined as a full or part time paid employment role within an organisation).
  • evidence to confirm at least 6 months active job seeking.

Restrictions and exclusions

Access to outplacement:

  • is limited to one consultation in any 2 year period.
  • excludes those who have benefited from an employer redundancy package which included a consultation.
  • excludes seeking self-employed business or developing own consultancy services from the definition of actively seeking full or part time paid employment.

By participating in the programme you agree to:

  • provide feedback to the CIPD Membership Development team at the end of the programme about your experience.
  • inform the CIPD as soon as you have successfully found a new job.

48 hour Cancellation policy

If after booking your place on the programme you are unable to participate, you must provide LHH Penna with at least 48 hours cancellation notice to avoid a cancellation fee of £125.

Ready to start the next chapter of your career?

Contact the CIPD Customer Services team for further information or to book an outplacement session.

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