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Key skills required:

  • enjoy problem solving
  • confident and organised
  • excellent communication skills

Duties include:

  • answer employees' HR queries
  • employee inductions and training
  • manage employee records

What does you role as HR Coordinator involve?

My role as a HR Coordinator is to assist the HR team so that’s normally on an administrative level. I also meet with employees and deal with first-line issues, so any queries that they have, I deal with them. We put out training and development initiatives so we allow people to go on training and development courses, we promote courses, we also search for courses that would be specific for people to help them.

How did you first get into HR and what were your first impressions?

I discovered HR via a part-time position that I did for a leading retail supermarket. I started in their HR department and began to really like it and enjoy it so therefore studied a degree in HR. I didn’t know a lot about HR when I was at school. My understanding of it was that HR would be more of a policing function and that they would set rules and they would make sure that everyone complies with those rules. However, when I actually got into HR I realised it was an enabling function so they help the organisation bring about positive business change by supporting line managers and allowing them to do their day-to-day job.

What do you like best about working in HR?

The great thing about working in HR is that all industries and sectors have an HR function. You could start off working in an HR function in the finance industry and then you can move to oil and gas, you could move to banking, you could move to construction, so you have the opportunity to work within a broad range of sectors. You don’t necessarily need to stay within one sector for the length of your career. I think if you enjoy working as part of a team and have strong interpersonal skills as well as being able to communicate with people at different levels then HR will be a great career for you.

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