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Key skills required:

  • a passion for business
  • creative problem solver
  • strong communicator and influencer

Duties include:

  • understanding the business and how it operates
  • ensuring the right people join the business
  • helping people perform better

What does your role involve?

I’m an HR Generalist. I advise the business on HR matters so it could be anything from employee relations issues to helping the business get the best out of their people. One of the most fundamental parts of my role is helping others get the most out of themselves and the way that I’ve done that is by using coaching skills.

What do you like most about HR?

So the great thing about HR is the variety that it offers. You can go into a specialism if you want like L&D or recruitment or you can remain a generalist. It’s also a fantastic skill to have because it means you can move from industry to industry and work in all sorts of different areas.

What do you need to be successful in your role?

To be successful in HR you need to be interested in business and you need to demonstrate that you understand business, particularly the area you’re looking after. It’s not as soft and fluffy as people think it is – you have to make tough decisions sometimes.

What advice would you offer others thinking of a career in HR?

My advice to anyone wanting to get into HR would be to really read and research about the profession. I’d go on the CIPD website and have a look there. I’d speak to as many people as possible to really understand what HR is all about.

I think that HR is often perceived as the department that is responsible for forms and processes and box ticking. And HR really isn’t about that at all. A great HR department will be driven by a great leader and will really reach out into the business and be part of the business. It’s not just a support function it’s actually adding value to the business

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