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Key skills required:

  • a thirst to keep learning
  • strong planning skills
  • drive and initiative

Duties include:

  • supporting people's development
  • providing advice on learning
  • organising training courses

What does your role as Learning Programme Officer involve?

I have a range of responsibilities – from giving information, advice and guidance to our learners - our learners are generally the community but that also includes internal staff as well – to managing the programme of courses as well.

How did you start out in L&D?

I’d done a two year apprenticeship with the learning and development team at Ealing Council. Following that successful apprenticeship I then moved into an adult learning setting doing the same thing as I was doing as an apprentice but as a council employee.

What skills do you think are important for a career in L&D?

Key skills you need to do my job really is just to have passion in what I do, get up and go, a bit of initiative, but qualifications such as the CIPD qualification or a coaching and mentoring qualification always help.

Why is L&D so important for organisations?

I think the L&D part of the organisation is crucial because it helps the organisation to move forward, it helps the organisations to change and develop – the rest of the world is changing so the organisation should be doing that as well. For me working in learning and development, we’re out there to offer new things to the employees, and develop them and work with them rather than tell them what to do.

What do you enjoy best about your role and L&D?

There's many different areas you can work in learning and development. It doesn’t have to be within a company, it can be at a school, it can be at a college and if you’ve got a real passion for that, you will find the area that you want. One of the biggest things I enjoy about my job is watching people develop and seeing them grow as a result of something that I’ve done for them. To plant a seed and watch somebody grow and flourish and really do the best and change their life is an amazing feeling.

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