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Key skills required:

  • enjoys numbers
  • good researcher
  • excellent IT skills

Duties include:

  • data analysis
  • staff salaries and benefits
  • reward policies and structures

What does you role involve?

I’m a reward analyst working in an HR function in HSBC. My role is to ensure that people are rewarded fairly, paid the right salaries and are motivated to come in and do the role that they perform. Reward itself is everything to do with salaries, benefits, pensions and holidays for employees.

What were your first impressions of HR?

I thought human resources was all about hiring and firing employees. It wasn’t something that I really saw myself going into but actually its completely different to my expectations and I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

What are the key skills you need as a Reward Analyst?

The key skills you need to do my current role are strong analytical skills as well as Microsoft Excel skills. Qualifications certainly help in doing the role so when a role like this is advertised they do actually require you to have HR knowledge as well as having a degree. You need to be able to work within a team because a lot of the work that you do will actually be done within teams so your work will contribute a small factor within the overall bigger project. If you enjoy interacting with other people, applying some of the mathematical skills as well as using Microsoft Excel I would recommend doing this role

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