At the CIPD we’ve long been championing for better work and working lives, and 2021 is again a time for us to step up. Throughout the year we’ll be launching a series of campaigns on the critical agendas shaping the world of work.

How we campaign:

Working with our members

The most important part of our campaigning work is with our members.

We rely on a growing community of people professionals to ensure work is good for people, businesses, economies and society.

It’s our members who tell us what issues they have, help they need and what needs to be better. This drives our campaigning work.

Producing research, policy and content

We help our members and the wider people profession navigate the world of work by providing them with the information and tools to drive positive change in their organisations and communities.

Working with Government

Making the case for better work and raising the profile of the people profession as its champions, is central to our purpose.

We work with civil servants, local and national politicians, to help them understand the key issues shaping the world of work.

Influencing organisations

When the people profession is at its best, everyone benefits. And the more we do this at scale, the greater our impact on work and working lives.

We work to influence, and support organisations be the best they can be.

Talking to the media

When the CIPD is featured in the media, people listen.

We speak about the critical agendas shaping the work of work across several different platforms including TV, radio and online.

Engaging with the public

With a purpose to champion better work and working lives for everyone, it’s vital that we engage with as many people as possible.

Together we can make work and working lives better.