The CIPD’s Flex From 1st campaign is calling on organisations, the UK Government and the NI Executive to make the right to request flexible working a day-one right. But how much do you really know about flexible working? Do you understand your rights as a UK worker? Take our myth busting quiz below and test your knowledge!

1. Flexible working refers to an employee working from home instead of the office.

2. You have the right to request flexible working from your employer after 26 weeks, regardless of your employment sector.

3. Employees across the UK do not want or need flexible working.

4. The CIPD is supporting the people profession to use its unique position to promote and support a much wider uptake of flexible working practices.

5. Flexible working is widespread across the UK as a working practice.

6. Flexible working can improve business outcomes for organisations.

7. Offering flexible working as an option to employees leads to the recruitment of top talent.

8. Women are more likely to request flexible working.

9. Flexible working will lead to reduced performance amongst workers.

10. Flexible working is a day-one right.