What Brexit might mean for Ireland

Since the UK voted to leave the European Union, many have been wondering what impact this will have on Ireland's close and long standing relationship with the UK

In a new video on our Brexit hub, the CIPD's Director of Ireland, Mary Connaughton, talks about some of the effects Ireland is already seeing, including:

  • an 11% drop in export values due to changes in exchange rates
  • a slowing down of movement in the labour market between the UK and Ireland, due to uncertainty around tax and pensions
  • an opportunity for jobs growth as more organisations look to set up European hubs in Ireland

Mary reiterates the CIPD's advice for all employers to set up a dedicated working group to look at the impact that Brexit may have on their organisation, including workforce planning.

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Brexit hub

As developments in the Brexit process continue to emerge, the CIPD will continue to provide news and updated resources to support your planning

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