The CIPD is coming out at London Pride

On 8 July the CIPD will continue to champion diversity and inclusion for LGBT+ at work by marching for the first time at London Pride 2017

In less than 12 months of activity, the CIPD’s first LGBT+ and Allies Network has raised the profile of LGBT and diversity and inclusion related issues across the organisation, and launched a partnership with Stonewall to support the organisation through this transformation towards championing diversity and inclusion for all staff, volunteers and members.

At the announcement of the CIPD’s participation at London Pride 2017, Peter Cheese, CIPD Chief Executive, said: ‘We are working hard as a business to make sure we have an inclusive environment where talented people want to work. Our core purpose of championing better work and working lives is central to how the CIPD itself operates, and our people decisions should all be underpinned by this belief.’

Ciprian Arhire, Co-Chair of the CIPD’s LGBT+ and Allies Network, said: ‘This is a journey we all need to embark on together and we want everyone at the CIPD to champion inclusion though everything we do, from staff or contractors, to our over 1,200 volunteers or members representing the people profession.’

To celebrate the 50th anniversary since the 1967 Sexual Offences Act decriminalised (male) homosexuality, the CIPD will participate in the London Pride parade on 8 July. The CIPD is inviting 150 employees, volunteers and members to march together for diversity and inclusion, while proudly wearing the CIPD badge of diversity and inclusion.

The CIPD’s approach to diversity and inclusion is part of the organisation’s drive to create more people-centred work and workplaces. Watch Brad Taylor, CIPD Director of People, explaining why diversity and inclusion is instrumental to creating a better workplace.

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Brad Taylor, CIPD Director of People

Join other people professionals on 8 July to march for equality, inclusion and championing better work and working lives, as part of the CIPD’s London Pride group. Register to join the march with the CIPD on 8 July.