In a Nutshell: Issue 106  

The researchers in this study claim that talent management software could put the HR profession’s role at risk. But the case studies show that it’s up to HR teams to assert their role and demonstrate the strategic value they bring to decision-making processes.

Reviewed by:

Hayfa Mohdzaini, Senior Research Adviser

Hayfa joined in 2020 as the CIPD's Senior Research Adviser in Data, Technology and AI. She started her career in the private sector working in IT and then HR, and has been writing for the HR community since 2012. Previously she worked for another membership organisation (UCEA) where she expanded the range of pay and workforce benchmarking data available to the higher education HR community. Hayfa has degrees in computer science and human resources from University of York and University of Warwick respectively.

She is interested in how the people profession can contribute to good work through technology.

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