In a Nutshell: Issue 116  

Sustainable Human Resource Management (HRM) practices are becoming increasingly important in the changing world of work. The pandemic has highlighted that work should and can be a force for good and people professionals play a large role in making that a reality through holistic, sustainable management practices. This article offers six tips for successfully fulfilling that role.

Reviewed by:

Melanie Green, Research Adviser

Melanie joined the CIPD in 2017, specialising in learning & development and skills research. Prior to the CIPD, Mel worked as an HR practitioner in a technology organisation, working on a variety of learning and development initiatives, and has previously worked as a researcher in an employee engagement and well-being consultancy. 

Melanie holds a master’s degree in Occupational Psychology from University of Surrey, where she conducted research into work–life boundary styles and the effect of this on employee wellbeing and engagement.

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