As part of the CIPD Parent Returner Programme, we have recruited 24 employers  in Yorkshire and the Humber to be ‘Returner Champions’. These ‘Returner Champions’ come from industries which have been identified as being most in need of improvement, including retail, law, tech, telecoms and STEM.  We believe that employers have an important role to play in making their workplaces and recruitment practices more ‘parent friendly’ and that by doing so they could also benefit from increased diversity and an expanded talent pipeline.

From October 2019 to June 2020 the employers will take part in a series of workshops, webinars and focus groups to help them make the case for flexible working, offering flexibility in roles, creating flexible jobs and advertising roles flexibly. The result will see employers increase the number of flexible opportunities they offer, which can make it easier for parents to balance childcare and their careers. The hope is that this will have a trickle-down effect on other employers and lead to an increase in the number of jobs offering flexible working in the region.

Although the programme is not currently open to new employers wanting to become Returner Champions, we are looking for CIPD members in the region who are able to support the 150 parents involved as Steps Ahead Mentors and you can find out more here.

We are also hoping to be able to roll out the support for employers at the end of this initial pilot. To express your interest please contact Noshina Kiani, Programme Manager for the Parent Returner Programme,

If you are an employer looking to access more information and guidance on flexible working then you can find our latest resources here.

The delivery of the CIPD Parent Returner programme is also supported by Timewise, Pregnant then Screwed, GPS Return and Humber Learning Consortium.