Great news, you've been referred to the CIPD’s Steps Ahead Mentoring programme. If you're a jobseeker aged 18-24 or a parent or carer returning to work*, you can sign up to Steps Ahead Mentoring.

Our mentors are HR and recruitment professionals/people professionals who will help you improve your employability skills, boost your confidence, and get you on the path to employment.

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My mentor was Joseph. He was everything I’d hoped for – I only wish I’d met him earlier. I realised that while advice from family and friends is good, getting it from an experienced HR professional is in a different league.


former jobseeker from London

My mentor has given me a much clearer understanding of what the recruiter is looking for and how to write about my experience.


former jobseeker from Coventry

I learnt you need to be confident about what you are capable of doing. Often you will have more skills than you think.


former jobseeker from Dorset

When you're unemployed for a while you feel very negative. The most important thing Keeley (my mentor) did for me was to change my mind set.


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Steps Ahead Mentoring is a free voluntary programme that matches you with local employers who have experience of recruitment. Over approximately six meet ups your mentor can help you with CV writing, job applications, job hunting and interview preparation.

Across England, Scotland and Wales, jobseekers are referred to Steps Ahead by Jobcentre Plus Work Coaches, and other selected partners. The programme is currently available to young jobseekers (aged 18-24) and parent and carer returners. We spent a year piloting the programme supporting age 50+ Jobseekers in West London. We are currently reviewing how we will further support older jobseekers in the future before launching it in different regions.

  • Gain confidence and come across as professional and presentable during interviews.
  • Talk about your goals and work interests, and get advice on the areas you feel you may struggle with, for example application forms and covering letters.
  • Learn where to find suitable work opportunities in your local area.
  • Talk to a professional in a relaxed and informal environment at a time that suits you both, this could be at your local café or library.
  • If you successfully complete the mentoring we will send you an official CIPD Certificate of Completion. The certificate will be emailed to you first, but we can also provide a paper copy if requested.

The programme is flexible, it’s up to you and your mentor to agree details but it normally involves regular meetings over a period of around eight to twelve weeks. The meet-ups will normally last for about an hour each and can be face-to-face, by telephone or video chat.

Both you and your mentor are volunteering to be part of the programme, it’s important to keep in touch if you cannot meet or speak at an agreed time.

The mentors are all members of the CIPD, the professional body for HR and people development. They work in all kinds of organisations, across different sectors, but their extensive experience of what employers look for will be useful to you, no matter what type of job you want to do.

They have volunteered to take part in the programme and are taking part because they want to share their experience and help you to find work.

To get a mentor you need to fill in a registration form on our secure online portal. The application should take no more than 5 minutes and the information helps to ensure you are matched with the right mentor.

You’re now a mentee. You should receive a confirmation email and your registration form will be visible to mentors in your area. The mentors can see only the following information about you:

  • where you are based
  • where you can meet them for mentoring meetings
  • job sector interest
  • why you'd like a mentor
  • how you were referred to the programme (eg via Jobcentre Plus or NCS)

Once you are matched with a mentor, you will receive an email to confirm the match. At this stage your mentor will have access to your contact details and will get in touch to introduce themselves by email or text. You will also be able to see their contact details if you log back on to the portal.

Once you receive the notification that you have been matched with a mentor, then you should hear from them by email, text or phone, within 48 hours. Your new mentor will usually contact you via email initially and then may try to call or text you on the telephone number you have provided on your registration form. So do check your emails (including your 'Junk Folder') on a regular basis and make sure you check your voicemail for any messages.

If you don't hear from a mentor within one week of receiving the email which confirms you have been matched to a mentor, please contact the Steps Ahead Mentoring Team via email

This is great news, well done. Please email and we will be able to update your mentee record and remove your profile.

If you have already registered, you will need to make sure we’re aware that you no longer wish to be mentored. Please email and we will be able to update your records and remove your profile.

If you don't receive a confirmation email once you have submitted your registration form, please check your 'Junk Folder' in your email inbox. There is a chance that it might be in there.

If there isn't an email in your 'Junk Folder' then please email the Steps Ahead Mentoring Team at We will have access to the registration site and be able to confirm if we have received your details.

Once you’ve checked your internet connection and PC/laptop/tablet/phone device, please email outlining the problem.

On the portal login page there is a 'forgot my password' button. Please use this to generate an email to your account which will allow you to re-set your password.