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Apprenticeships that work

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Apprenticeships that work

Published February 2012

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Apprenticeships have received increased attention in recent times for their value in offering young people a direct and affordable route into skilled jobs and careers, as an alternative to a university education.  They are also an effective way for employers to develop their own talent, with the current and future skills needs of their organisation in mind.

The Government has placed apprenticeships at the centre of their plans both to rebalance the economy and to reform the education system so that it offers more opportunities to young people.  Getting employers on board to offer apprenticeships, especially those who do not currently do so, will be crucial to the success of apprenticeships as a long-term solution to the problems of youth unemployment and employer skills gaps.

The CIPD has produced this guide as a one-stop-shop for employers looking to offer apprenticeships, whether for the first time or with a view to improving their existing offering.  It aims to offer objective support to employers within different organisational sectors and sizes, across the UK, addressing some of the issues and questions involved and ensuring they have the support they need to take on an apprentice. 

Topics include:

  • How to integrate apprentices into your workforce
  • Getting buy-in from the rest of your organisation
  • Relevant employment legislation
  • How best to support apprentices