As an employer of more than 250 people, we are required by UK law to publish our gender pay gap information, both on the Government’s Gender Pay Gap Service and on our own website. 

Gender pay gap reporting in the UK is now in its fifth year. Our report covers the 2021–22 reporting cycle, using a snapshot date of 5 April 2021. Following the decision by the Government Equalities Office to suspend compulsory reporting for 2019–20, it was reintroduced for 2020–21 with an extended deadline. We continued to publish our report throughout the pandemic and have actively encouraged all eligible employers to do so too. We also choose to report our ethnicity pay gap data, publishing both reports at the same time as our annual report in November each year. 

In reporting our gender pay gap data, we choose to go behind the figures. We do this because we are committed to fostering inclusion, fairness and flexibility within the CIPD and we want to understand how our culture and actions help us close the gap. We also do it to support other employers and our professional community in their endeavours to champion good work and fair pay.

Download our 2021 report:

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