Our people

A wide range of experts play their part in helping the CIPD to champion better work and working lives.

Our 365 employees work in a variety of roles, ranging from experts in quality assurance (for our qualifications) to thought leaders in workplace and labour market issues and specialists in public affairs. More recently, we've also been building our digital and editorial capabilities to support our goal to become a much more customer-focused 'knowledge business'.

A further 1000 people work with the CIPD - some of whom are paid associates who help deliver our training and consultancy services, while around 800 are volunteers who give their time freely in a variety of roles, including board trustees, governance committees and membership upgrade assessors. The majority of our volunteers are signed up as branch committee members throughout the UK and Ireland. They're in the driving seat for engaging with members at a local level.

To achieve our ambitions, we need a diverse workforce with diverse skills and perspectives.

We define diversity as valuing everyone as an individual – we value all our employees, customers and clients as people. Diversity is about visible and non-visible factors, which include personal characteristics such as gender, race, age, background, culture, disability, personality and work-style. Harnessing these differences creates a productive environment in which everybody feels valued, where their talents are fully utilised and organisational and personal goals are met.

We regularly review the ways in which we can make the CIPD an attractive and accessible place to work for people from a wide range of backgrounds. We focus on inclusive approaches to recruitment and selection and are committed to employment policies that promote diversity and inclusion in employment regardless of age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership status, pregnancy and maternity status, race, religion or belief. We also support flexible working arrangements wherever possible, so that our people can work in ways which suit their personal circumstances.

The make-up of our workforce in terms of gender, age and ethnicity broadly reflects the characteristics of our membership base. But as we seek to make HR an attractive career choice for a greater diversity of people, the diversity of our own workforce will play an important part and we know we're not yet representative enough of the south London community in which we're headquartered, nor of our growing community of international members.

Read more about diversity and inclusion on our Diversity topic page.

Our values

Four core values drive our work; they inform our daily interactions and enable our performance

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Disability Confident Leader logo

Disability Confident employer

The CIPD is a Disability Confident Leader. We work with the DWP and lead the way in changing attitudes towards disability, and to encourage all employers to provide opportunities to ensure that people with disabilities and those with long-term health conditions are able to fulfil their potential at work. We regularly review our own people practices and approaches to ensure that our workplace is as open, diverse, accessible and inclusive as possible. 

Stonewall Global Diversity Champions

Stonewall Global Diversity Champion

The CIPD is a member of Stonewall’s Global Diversity Champions programme, working together to ensure that we are an LGBT+ inclusive employer and membership organisation across our UK and International communities. Our principles – work matters, people matter and professionalism matters – enshrine our belief that good work is safe and inclusive.

Stonewall and the CIPD share the vision that by embedding inclusive values, organisations can drive higher levels of wellbeing, motivation, satisfaction and productivity. Our ambition is to ensure that all of our staff and volunteers feel confident and comfortable in bringing their whole selves to work - because people perform better when they can be themselves. 

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