Work can – and should – be a reliable route out of poverty. But with one in eight UK workers living in poverty, and the cost of living rising, a percentage of your workforce could be struggling to cope. 

Poverty affects people differently, and it’s not always easy for employers to spot. That’s why we've teamed up with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation to raise awareness of in-work poverty and encourage you, as an employer, to help loosen poverty’s grip.

Understanding in-work poverty

How you can make work a more reliable route out of poverty

Supporting your people to achieve a decent standard of living is an essential part of good work and responsible business. All employers – large and small – can play their part by putting a financial wellbeing policy in place, covering three key aspects of HR practice. In fact, many employers are already adopting a number of good employment practices that can help protect people from poverty, while bringing a whole host of benefits for the business and the workforce.