Whether you're a line manager in a large business or the leader of a small company, chances are you employ or manage at least one woman. And most women will experience menopausal symptoms at some stage in their working life. But how confident do you think a member of your team would feel to talk to you about the menopause?

One in four menopausal women say they don’t get the support they need from their manager.

Many women with menopause symptoms suffer in silence at work. But the menopause needn’t be an awkward or embarrassing topic. Without the right support, some of the symptoms can make it difficult for women to achieve their full potential at work, but it shouldn’t mean that a woman needs to press pause on her working life.

Often a few simple changes to the working environment can make a world of difference – even just talking about the menopause openly can reduce the impact of some symptoms and enable people to continue performing well in their roles.


The menopause at work: a guide for people managers – a short guide outlining everything a manager needs to know about the menopause