Despite the greater awareness about the need to pay attention to the psychological, as well as the physical, aspects of people’s health and well-being at work, our survey shows that there is some way to go before the majority of employers develop a robust framework in this area. If people have good mental health, and feel supported during times of poor mental health, they will feel more motivated, engaged and productive at work. Employers cannot afford to ignore people’s mental health in the workplace.

Our report, Employee Outlook: Focus on mental health in the workplace, found that more than three people in ten (31%) have experienced mental health problems while in employment. This figure is higher for female employees at 36% and 46% in respect of people working in the voluntary sector. Find out more about employee attitudes to mental health at work, and the areas where employers can improve their support.

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Download the survey report and infographic below

This survey report is based on a YouGov survey conducted for the CIPD of 2,229 UK employees between June and July 2013 and also includes findings from the CIPD 2013 Absence management survey also conducted in June and July 2013.

The findings of the survey have highlighted some key areas for attention and particularly the need for employers to think more creatively about what they can offer to promote health and well-being.

Download the survey report below

This survey provides some interesting findings on the impact of poor mental health on performance in the workplace and highlights why mental health in the workplace is an issue that employers cannot afford to ignore.

How employers manage people coming back to work after a mental health problem is critical to them making a successful and lasting return to work. Unless managers understand their role in supporting employees who are returning to work after experiencing a mental health problem, it is likely the individual’s recovery and well-being will be undermined.

Download the survey report below.

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