Data protection is about safeguarding important information and making sure it is used properly and legally. In the UK, the Data Protection Act 2018 implements the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which came into force in May 2018. It replaces the previous Data Protection Act 1998. All employers need to be aware of their duties under the law as the penalties for breaching the rules can be severe. Here we provide resources on the law governing data protection and GDPR, surveillance and privacy at work.



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GDPR for the HR Professional: MeLearning online course

The new General Data Protection Regulations come into force on 25 May 2018. The new rules are intended to meet the needs of a digital age, and require a change in organisational attitude towards data privacy. HR has a crucial role to play in achieving the new goal of data protection by design and default.

Created in association with MeLearning this comprehensive online course comprises 7 modules to confirm your understanding of General Data Protection Regulations 2018 with 2 bespoke modules outlining exactly what HR professionals need to do to update policies and practices to ensure ongoing compliance. Modules cover:

  • Definitions, Principles and the Law (30 mins)
  • Individual Rights (30 mins)
  • Consent (30 mins)
  • The Accountability Principle (30 mins)
  • Information (privacy) notice (30 mins)
  • Guidance for the HR Professional' Part 1
  • Guidance for the HR Professional' Part 2 (45 mins in total)

The course features downloadable refresher guides for ongoing reference and successful completion of all of the modules gains a completion certificate. This online course can be undertaken at any time, meaning you can complete and review modules anytime, anywhere.

The course costs £175 + VAT; enter code CIPD10 at the checkout to receive 10% off.