As early as 2017, the Taylor Review had identified the need to clarify and simplify employment status. And though this was stated a priority by the UK Government in 2019, little progress had been made.

Understandably, urgent attention had been focused on dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. But the precarious situation of many in low-paid work, of whatever status, as well as the risks of losing employment rights through deliberate or mistaken misclassification, mean there is a pressing need to put this back on the agenda.

Informed by a series of interviews and group discussions with HR directors, employment policy experts, employment lawyers and HR advisers, this discussion paper 'Reforming employment status: building a stronger foundation for employment rights', works through the issues associated with employment status and assesses the viable methods of simplification and reform on offer.

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Employment status

Understand how being defined in UK law as an employee, a worker or self-employed affects employment rights and employers’ legal responsibilities

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