Practical guidance on the requirements of transfers of staff and service working through business transfer situations.

The report provides a minimum set of standards for all parties to aid understanding and business transactions during the preparation and transfer of staff, as well as help through tools that can be directly applied, such as the sample Gantt chart available to download below. Although written by members of the National HR Group for Substance Misuse Services, the content is not exclusive to employers working in that field, and it will be relevant to most public sector and voluntary sector employers in the UK.

Whilst guidance already exists on TUPE, there has until now been a notable lack of guidance for people managers on this subject. Managers have noted that the existing process is akin to ‘trial and error’, which is not a healthy position for any business to be in. The report aims to address the uncertainty that many employers feel when it comes to dealing with TUPE, including sections on:

  • Commissioning and transferring services
  • Steps to follow when transferring staff teams
  • Pensions and staff transfer issues
  • Harmonisation of terms and conditions.

The guide and gantt chart are available for download below.

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