For organisations looking to develop their employees, coaching and mentoring can be effective techniques. Indeed, coaching is growing in popularity, with many employers using this development technique to enhance the skills, knowledge and performance of their employees around specific skills and goals.

This factsheet offers a definition of coaching and mentoring in UK organisations, distinguishing between the two techniques, and the importance of linking with overall learning and development strategies. It looks at those typically responsible for coaching - both internal and external to the organisation - and how to develop a coaching culture. Deciding when coaching is the best development intervention is key to harnessing its potential. Lastly, the factsheet considers the central role of line managers, HR and L&D practitioners in managing coaching activities.

CIPD viewpoint

What are coaching and mentoring?

Developing a coaching culture

Who delivers coaching in UK organisations?

When is coaching the best development intervention?

The role of HR and L&D in managing coaching activities

Useful contacts and further reading