Employees who share a mutual-gains relationship with their employers tend to deliver improved business performance. It’s therefore no surprise that employers value engaged employees; not only are they happier, healthier and more fulfilled than 'disengaged' employees, but they are more likely to increase customer satisfaction levels, productivity and innovation.

This factsheet examines the benefits of employee engagement and whether or not there is a 'dark side' to the employment relationship. It explores the engagement levels of British employees and the future of the concept of employee engagement, providing advice on how to build an engaged workforce by understanding the principles learnt from research, harnessing the support of senior leaders and line managers, and making employee engagement efforts organisation-specific.

CIPD viewpoint

What is employee engagement?

What are the benefits of employee engagement?

Is there a dark side to employee engagement?

How to build an engaged workforce

The engagement levels of British employees

Ongoing debates and the future of employee engagement


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