HR analytics is the use of people data and analytics tools to understand work and the workforce. HR professionals use HR analytics to measure and report on key aspects of HR activity, including performance management, engagement, and remuneration. Data is now a significant part of the role of many HR functions. This research looks more closely at this area.  

Much has been written about HR analytics and human capital measurement and reporting over the last 10 years. There are often many accounts of data and analytics radically changing business, or challenging practice, but for many HR professionals the area of practice remains difficult to understand and apply on a day to day basis. There is a lot of hype in the HR analytics space, but peer-reviewed evidence of HR analytics practice and its impact can be hard to come by. Very little is known about HR analytics, and how it links to important theories such as human capital theory and human capital reporting.

Synthesis report

The synthesis report 'Human capital analytics and reporting: exploring theory and evidence' discusses these areas in detail and provides reflections and recommendations based on insights from across the studies.

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Technical studies

The evidence which informed our synthesis of academic insights is summarised in two technical studies that provide a deep and critical interpretation of published evidence, and offer insights important to theory and practice.

'Human capital theory: assessing the evidence for the value and importance of people to organisational success' explores human capital theory, by looking at definitions of human capital, and its relationship to other HR theories.

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'Human capital metrics and analytics: assessing the evidence for the value and impact of people data' considers the HR analytics space which includes the measurement and reporting of work and the workforce.

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