In the evolving world of work, new specialisms, ways of working and priorities have emerged – and with them, the role of the people profession has diversified. Today's people professionals are called on to apply their expertise in people, work and change to drive sustainable value for people, organisations and society.

Our new survey The people profession in 2018 explores career paths and professional priorities in today’s people profession. It aims to help practitioners at every level and in all roles to gain insight into the variety of ways in which people professionals progress in their careers. We worked with the European Association of People Management (EAPM) to create a snapshot of the profession beyond the UK, in order to indicate where we may develop and support the people profession now and in the future. In the UK and Ireland, we also explored what factors help practitioners to demonstrate professional behaviour and good practice, as well as achieve career success.

Our survey of 1,526 people professionals (encompassing HR, learning and development, organisational development, and organisational change) in Europe highlights the diversity of skills and experience within the profession. Overall, the findings paint a positive picture of good career prospects and a high level of meaningful work experienced by practitioners.

Download the reports below:

Key findings in the UK and Ireland are:

  • More than two-thirds feel that their work makes them happy (70%) and energised (67%) and over three-quarters said the profession offers a meaningful career (78%).

  • Nearly two in five (38%) believe they have the skills to cope with more demanding duties in their current role, while 16% said they lack the skills required in their role.

  • More than six in ten (64%) agree that their job gives them the opportunity to fully express themselves as a professional, but nearly three in ten (28%) feel there’s a conflict between their professional judgement and what their organisation expects of them.

  • Over half (55%) use organisational data in their decision-making, and data-driven practitioners are more likely to feel able to fully express themselves professionally at work.

The CIPD is supporting people professionals to thrive in the changing world of work – and fulfil the profession’s shared purpose of championing better work and working lives – through a programme of work called Profession for the Future. A significant step on that journey is the launch of the new Profession Map this November. The Map sets out the defining purpose and values of our profession, together with the knowledge and behaviours required to put those values into practice.

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