As part of the wider employee engagement and learning and development agenda, the link between skills development and volunteering becomes more established

This report, From Big Society to the big organisation? The role of organisations in supporting employee volunteering, explores the current state of play of employee volunteering and the benefits this brings for organisations, society and volunteers themselves. We also examine the barriers to wider adaptation and implementation of these practices, arguing that it is in organisations’ own interest to play a more active role in promoting volunteering to their employees and to support them in their volunteer journey. This should be part of the toolbox for HR professionals in the future and we will touch on what the CIPD can do to encourage and support the HR community in taking this agenda forward.

The CIPD runs its own volunteer mentoring programme, Steps Ahead Mentoring, which matches HR professionals with young job seekers to help them with their employability skills. Find out more about developing mentoring skills and volunteering here.

Download the report below:

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