A key aim of the Learning to Work programme is to help young people prepare for work, and the CIPD have been a leading voice on the role employers have to play in helping young people transition from education into work. One of the ways we’re encouraging employers to get involved in tackling youth unemployment is by increasing their engagement with young people.

Participating in or supporting youth-led social action, or youth volunteering, is one way employers are choosing to get involved. Using six in-depth employer case studies this research investigates why employers have decided to engage with young people in this way, how their programmes work and highlight the benefits to young people, business and the communities in which they operate.

We've also launched an employment guide for young people which includes advice on how volunteering can give them vital work experience and features information on how to effectively articulate the skills they will gain during the application and interview process.

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Our campaign to tackle and resolve the problem of youth unemployment by achieving a shift in employer engagement with young people

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