We really hope that you will find our branch area informative, engaging and most of all, easy to use. In order to get the best from the branch, please visit regularly to keep up to date with the latest news and event information.

CIPD London, a partnership between all seven London branches, officially launched in September 2013.

This is an exciting time for all of us as it will enable each one of us to share our learning and help create the best events for you, whilst maintaining efficiency throughout the branches.

At the moment, we share branch administration only, but we feel this is just the tip of the iceberg and are looking at other areas where we can best use our members’ money.

We meet regularly so it is hoped that in time this will benefit you in that there will be greater coordination of events calendar and a more consistent offer.

We'd like to hear from our members and so if there is anything you'd like to discuss with the branch (tips for future sessions, join as volunteer, etc.), please feel free to get in touch with our Regional Branch Co-ordinator Monika Michalikova.

Arlene Hinds & Yetunde Oladipo
Chairs North London Branch

North London CIPD has set up six community groups to help you network with like-minded professionals and find the events that reflect your interests and level of expertise.

We have a main branch community, as well as communities for independent consultants, students, learning and development practitioners, lone practitioners and those interested in policy issues.

All our events have been organised under these community group headings - so please read on to find out which community best meets your needs. You don't, of course, have to restrict yourself to just one group - if there are several that suit your requirements, you are welcome to take part in more than one.

Are you a member of the CIPD’s north London branch?

Would you like to become more involved with the branch?

Would you like this involvement to be flexible around your skills and time available?

Then consider becoming a volunteer ‘friend’ of the north London branch committee. The CIPD’s north London branch is looking to recruit committee friends to support and enhance the voluntary work of the north London branch committee and to further engage members in north London.

Being a friend would provide you with:

  • better networking opportunities within the branch
  • a great way to get to know more about the committee and the role of its members before taking on a full committee member role
  • an opportunity to increase your skills in a specific area for example, presentation skills, event organisation skills, social media skills
  • an opportunity to include the CIPD on your CV
  • an inside knowledge of the CIPD.

Within the north London branch we’ve got opportunities to:

  • engage other members at branch events
  • broaden the branch’s network of potential speakers (do you know someone who would like to speak at an event within the branch?)
  • organise of an event or assist a committee member with this
  • contribute ideas and provide feedback to the committee
  • write a newsletter article.

If you are interested in becoming a committee friend we would love to hear from you! Contact Arlene Hinds via the North London branch ‘contact us’ link.

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CIPD London - a local branch partnership

We are also a part of CIPD London – a collaboration between seven regional branches – and we are working together to strengthen the links between all our branches, draw on our collective expertise and contacts, and create and promote a London-wide events programme. So no matter which CIPD London branch you belong to you are welcome to attend events across the capital.

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