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Thank you for visiting our branch page and for your interest to be part of a vibrant local community of people professionals.

We're an active branch with over 4,000 members. We're spread across a wide geographical area from Argyll and Bute through to Dumfries and Galloway, taking in Ayrshire and the busy metropolis of Glasgow city.

Whether you’re actively working in the people profession or a business leader, we believe you can benefit most from your membership by being actively involved with the branch activities.

This may be through attending events, contributing to our newsletters, participating in our online discussions, supporting our activities, or involvement in our geographical and special interest groups.

If you are a CIPD member, you can join our branch committee and have direct involvement in running the branch. Whatever level of involvement you can contribute, we have no doubt you will find it both valuable and enjoyable.

Lesley Malcolm, Chartered FCIPD
Branch Chair

Learn about our branch

Our branch is run by a committee of volunteers who create and organise the annual programme of events running from September to June. Our core base is Glasgow, but we have subgroups in Ayr, Argyll & Bute and Dumfries & Galloway and they arrange locally based face-to-face events.

We run branch events across all times of the day, to try and accommodate different priorities. These include breakfast, lunchtime, and early evening events. We ensure 50% of our events are webinars to accommodate those that are geographically restricted or those that just cannot add another event into their working day. All events are listed in the monthly branch newsletter and on Eventbrite.

Get involved

If you would like to get involved with the branch, by joining the committee, becoming a 'friend of the committee' (helping us organise specific events), offering us a venue for events, suggesting event topics or articles for our newsletter then please do get in touch via wscotland@cipdbranch.co.uk.

Regional groups

We have three regional groups. You can find their events listed on our Eventbrite page.

Online communities

Ayrshire group

Online communities

Argyle & Bute group

Online communities

Dumfries & Galloway group

Mentoring scheme

We operate a Member-to-Member Mentoring Programme, for our members in the West of Scotland. The Programme is there to support individuals at various points in their HR career, assisting mentees to further develop their professional competencies, interpersonal skills and can be particularly helpful during a career transition. The programme is a voluntary service and is mentee-driven, with members offering their personal time to act as mentors/mentees.

Being a mentor involves being many things: role model, expert, advocate, cheerleader critical friend. The important thing is for both mentee and mentor to have a positive and productive relationship.

Here’s what people have said about their experience of our programme:

‘Volunteering to mentor for the branch programme has been both challenging and rewarding! Having worked for the same organisation for 15 years I was apprehensive about stepping out of my comfort zone. However, I've gained invaluable cross-sector insights, along with renewed awareness of my own skill set and just how much experience I have that can be translated into other organisations.

The time spent with my mentee has been as beneficial for me as it has for them and has guided my continuing CPD for the year ahead.’ – Mentor

‘I feel I have benefitted from having time to share thoughts with someone out with my business sector. The meetings have been really helpful for me to be more confident in my current role and career. Having access to someone external who challenges my thinking and perceptions, and who also gives an honest appraisal of how I come across, has been invaluable’ - Mentee

We are looking to continue to grow the number of our members who are actively involved.

If you have time to spare and are interested in becoming a mentor or mentee, please get in touch.

Special interest group

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Voluntary sector group

The HR Voluntary Sector Forum Special Interest Group (SiG) hosts events in the Central Belt. We also bring together HR professionals to create opportunities for shared learning and to collectively discuss and influence national policies and challenges affecting the voluntary sector.

Our events are open to the wider West of Scotland Branch membership and we have high attendance and engagement with CIPD and SiG members.

Upcoming events

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