The West Yorkshire Branch currently has over 3500 members and is split into three geographical Groups - Bradford Group, Huddersfield Group and Leeds Group. 

Through this website you are able to access details of forthcoming events at Group and Branch level. Please go to our events page for details of our events and remember to book early as they are increasingly popular! We are keen to engage with all our members and welcome suggestions and comments on our programme; guest speakers are always appreciated too. You can interact with us on our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn social media accounts.

And don't forget...if you would like to increase your skills by mentoring a HR student or professional or you wish to benefit from the skills and expertise of being mentored by peer or senior HR professional, we can provide the forum, support and guidance for this to happen. For more information please contact us or you can download a Mentoring Application Form and a Mentoring Information Pack below. 

Additionally we are always looking for new branch and group committee members so if you would like to find out what is involved and contribute to the work of the Branch, please do get in touch. 

Finally, I would like to say thank you to the hardworking volunteer branch and group committee members who have contributed and give their time so readily. It is through their commitment that we are able to provide such a full range of member services. 

Dr Frances McGregor Chartered FCIPD, Fellow HEA, DBA, MA HRM
Branch Chair

The West Yorkshire Branch currently has over 3500 members and is split into three geographical Groups - Bradford Group, Huddersfield Group and Leeds Group. Each group organises its own meetings and has its own sub committee.

From September to July the Branch organises a programme of events on a variety of topics. Details of the meetings are available on this site on the events page. A number of seminars are also held through the year which have previously proved extremely successful. Please click to the events page for details about the seminars.

The meetings and seminars are usually held at a variety of locations as the branch covers a large geographical area.

We run regular CPD workshops to help members understand how they can upgrade their membership and the support that is available from the West Yorkshire CIPD branch. CPD workshops will be advertised on the West Yorkshire events page, so please keep an eye out for them.

The Branch can provide advice on upgrading from Associate to Chartered Member and Chartered Member to Chartered Fellow. This is available on a one-to-one basis by appointment and is also covered at the CPD workshops (see above). Upgrading involves demonstrating your capability and expertise through providing evidence against upgrading criteria, developing a CV that reflects the relevant areas of the CIPD Profession Map and gaining a supporting statement from two colleagues, managers or clients.

For more individual advice on identifying CPD needs, planning to meet them and recording outcomes, our committee members are able to provide advice on a one-to-one basis, by appointment. This would normally take place via e-mail. Contact us to find out more.

Find out more about upgrading eligibility.

Alternatively, for Affiliate members who wish to become professional members and are unable to use the upgrade process mentioned, Experience Assessment enables highly experienced HR professionals, both generalists and specialists, who do not have the required CIPD qualifications to achieve professional CIPD membership as Chartered Fellow, Chartered Member or Associate.

The Branch offers a mentoring scheme as a way for members to support each other, particularly in career progression and also employability, where members are entering or returning to the HR profession.

The Branch provides training for those wishing to offer themselves as a mentor and manages a matchmaking service by registering mentees and mentors. Contact us for further information on any of the above. Download an application form.

CIPD Northern Annual Conferences 2020

Annual Conference | 11 May 2020 | Manchester 

Student Conference North of England | 23 March 2020 | Leeds 

Both conferences will run for a full day, offering practical insights on how to create healthier, more inclusive and innovative organisations. With a combination of keynotes, case studies and interactive sessions, you will be able to create your own path through the programmes to focus on the issues that are most relevant to you. 

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Northern Area Partnership

We are also a part of a longstanding voluntary partnership of the ten northern England branches covering between them an area from the Scottish border down to Cheshire in the West and South Yorkshire in the East and providing services to around 24,000 members.

Northern Area Partnership