Date: 11 - 12 December 2018 | Location: Tower Bridge, London

[This Conference has now passed. Look back again for information on the 2019 event.]

Integrating engagement and performance management to drive high potential

As the world of work is evolving, so should our approaches to Employee Engagement and Performance Management. Traditional systems will no longer be adequate in keeping individuals and teams motivated and engaged at work. We need to start looking at the bigger picture and focus on an innovative and holistic initiative that is human-centred and covers all stages of an employee’s career.

The Employee Experience summarises all that people encounter, observe or feel over the course of their employee journey at an organisation, starting with the application process and continuing through to the the day they leave and becoming part of an organisation’s alumni.

Each step in the employee lifecycle can be a vital trigger impacting both culture and performance, which is why employee engagement and performance management are perceived as integral aspects of this bigger picture.

The 2018 CIPD Employee Engagement and CIPD Performance Management Conferences explored the factors which impact an employee’s experience at your organisation, helping attendees develop a greater, holistic understanding of how engagement and performance management are intrinsic parts of Employee Experience.