L&D professionals face an exciting, but challenging future.

CIPD’s research shows a:

  • Greater demand for increased business knowledge and commercial awareness
  • Growth in the use of technology and online learning
  • Increased requirements for analytical skills to effectively use information and metrics
  • Tensions in getting the best from traditional methods whilst pioneering innovations
  • Demands in maintaining up-to-date knowledge of new insights, theories and technologies

So how can L&D professionals stay at the forefront of practice and thinking?

The two most effective methods for professional development reported by L&D professionals are external conferences, workshops and events and social and collaborative learning. For that reason CIPD has launched and is expanding its innovative Leaders in Learning network.

What is the Leaders in Learning network and how will it benefit you?

Leaders in Learning is a free to attend network for L&D leaders. It is open to both CIPD members and non-members. It meets 3 times a year in various locations in an evening format from 6.00 - 8.30pm to:

  • Network with other senior L&D leaders
  • Focus on a specific L&D theme with input from a subject expert followed by peer discussion
  • Gain first-hand updates on CIPD research and initiatives
  • Hear short presentations from network members to showcase innovative practice
  • Socialise over food, wine, refreshments

The network is consulted to shape CIPD L&D initiatives and there are opportunities to take part in additional peer “learning sets” and “hackathons” to support thinking and innovation.

Upcoming event dates

  • London: Thursday 7 September 
  • Loughborough: Tuesday 12 September
  • Norwich: Wednesday 25 October
  • Milton Keynes: Tuesday 17 October
  • Manchester: Tuesday 7 November
  • Edinburgh: Thursday 16 November

How do I join Leaders in Learning network?

If you would like to be a part of CIPD’s Leaders in Learning Network please email leadersinlearning@cipd.co.uk with details of your role and organisation.

Social media

We have a Leaders in Learning LinkedIn Group which you can apply to join by emailing leadersinlearning@cipd.co.uk. We also have a Twitter hashtag which use at our meetings: #CIPDLiL. Get in touch!