The changing world of L&D

Nothing stands still for long in Learning and Development. Disruption is constant, with new ideas continually emerging to reinvent how, where and when we learn. Change is happening all around us. And at the heart of it all, you'll find the CIPD. We are committed to supporting the L&D community with evidence-based insights.

Our research shows that learning and development:

  • needs to increase its business knowledge and commercial awareness
  • grow in the use of technology and online learning within its offering
  • develop analytical skills to effectively use information and metrics
  • balance the tensions in getting the best from traditional methods whilst pioneering innovations
  • practitioners to have up-to-date knowledge of new insights, theories and technologies.

Our evidence-based approach supports you in each of these areas.

Watch Andy Lancaster, Head of Learning and Development at the CIPD, discuss the bold vision for L&D and how the CIPD can support L&D professionals every step of the way.

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Hi, I'm Andy Lancaster, head of learning and development at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, and I'm here at the world-famous King's Cross station in London. First built in 1852, the old Victorian structure has gone through a radical transformation. New technologies have added to the customer experience and innovations such as solar power and rainwater harvesting have been added to increase sustainability.

And, of course, there's this stunning new roof canopy. All of these changes have revolutionised the station to make it fit for purpose for undertaking journeys in the 21st century. In a world in which the nature of work, the workplace, and the workforce are changing at a relentless pace, organisations must be committed to a rapid journey of transformation. If organisations want to succeed, they must be committed to a change for a number of good reasons.

The march of technology means we can conduct business in new ways. We can work across dispersed locations with people on different continents and across different time zones. Traditional approaches to work and business are being challenged by new business models. Our past methodologies don't guarantee future success. We're now more mobile in our careers. So, the workforce is constantly evolving, and flexible and home working are really commonplace.

And we have the broadest age range of employees in the workplace in history, which creates opportunities for a different range of needs, but also aspirations. Disruption is occurring everywhere. The ability for organisations to successfully evolve is ultimately determined by the capability of their staff. And for that to be a reality, we need a radical new vision for learning and development.

We cannot perpetuate an old learning and development paradigm where staff attend an occasional face-to-face course. We must pioneer a bold new vision for learning that takes place at the heart of organisations on a daily basis. So, it's imperative that learning and development functions and practitioners now pursue their own transformational learning journeys.

Learning is changing fast. We've moved from an era where the course was a default learning approach to one where skills and capabilities are now developed through accessible and agile methods. Learning must now be delivered in the flow of work, not just in a classroom. Data and metrics enable learning to be targeted to organisational needs, and the true impact measured. Digital solutions can facilitate learning anytime, anywhere.

Learning delivery is no longer limited to the availability of venues or trainers or staff schedules. Learners can now make personal development choices through opportunities for self-directed learning. Technology offers groundbreaking approaches that are revolutionising the way we learn and the proliferation of excellent online content has shifted learning designed from sluggish creation to swift curation.

Learning no longer needs to be designed from scratch. Online communities enable like-minded people to freely share practice and solutions where expertise is not limited to gurus but exists within the group. And many people choose to undertake professional development both at work and in their own time as part of their commitment to lifelong learning. In recent years, CIPD has been on its own transformational journey to redefine and drive this exciting new vision for learning and development.

CIPD now takes centre stage in learning and development research, thinking, and practice. We're pushing learning to the top of the business agenda and we have much to offer for forward-thinking L&D practitioners. We facilitate vibrant networking and community. We hook you up with thought leaders and plug you into the most interesting discussions that are happening in L&D today.

We provide resources and insights. If we're not conducting illuminating research, we're curating it on your behalf. Our finger is on the industry's pulse. We role-model learning innovation and our award-winning content and delivery partnerships have redefined digital learning. With CIPD, you can experience learning innovation and then deploy it in your organisation. We represent the profession as a respected, active, and influential advocate for L&D in business and political spheres.

We provide cutting-edge professional development that reflects critical learning priorities, giving you the knowledge, skills, and qualifications to thrive in today's evolving L&D landscape. So, why not join the CIPD at the epicentre of the fast-changing world of learning and development and let us support you in your own transformational learning journey. ♪

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Latest news and events

CIPD L&D podcasts and webcasts

We will be producing four CIPD learning evidence-based focused podcasts for 2021

We're excited to announce that we will be undertaking a follow-up web session on each of the podcasts. Our webcasts will not be recorded, however we are pleased to share the session recorded at the CIPD's Festival of Work to accompany our June podcast.

The CIPD Leading in Learning Network is a community for L&D professionals looking to evolve their practice and embracing research outputs.

The group will have three web sessions in 2021 and one planned in January 2022. These are free-to-attend events and are for CIPD members and non-members.

These web sessions give you the opportunity to:

  • carry on the conversation from the CIPD learning podcast
  • focus on a specific L&D theme, with input from subject experts and an opportunity to share your insights
  • gain first-hand updates on CIPD research and initiatives
  • explore your L&D network through #CIPDLiL and our LinkedIn Group as well as the CIPD Community pages

The network is consulted to shape the CIPD's L&D initiatives, and there are opportunities to take part in additional peer 'learning sets' and our research to support thinking and innovation.

Our previous leading in learning group did have face-to-face sessions. Owing to COVID-19 these have had to be postponed. We will be reviewing how we approach face-to-face events once we are able to undertake this safely.

If you want to be on the mailing list of our Leading in Learning Network please email us at confirming your role, organisation name and address, and some brief detail on how you are currently responsible for leading learning within your context. Please note that we aim to respond within 48 hours.

Our Leading in Learning community group on LinkedIn can be found here CIPD Leading in Learning Network.

If you were signed up to our Leaders in Learning network, you will be automatically enrolled in the Leading in Learning group and our mailing list. By enrolling in the network, you will be agreeing to our terms of use and community guidelines.

You can also follow the #CIPDLiL hashtag on Twitter.

This group is open to those working as practitioners in-house and those working as independent consultants and for those looking to enhance their own professional development.

The CIPD partners with hundreds of organisations every year to build the capability and skills of L&D teams through training, qualifications, professional accreditation and consultancy. Get in touch with us