L&D professionals face an exciting, but challenging future

The CIPD’s research shows:

  • a greater demand for increased business knowledge and commercial awareness
  • growth in the use of technology and online learning
  • increased requirements for analytical skills to effectively use information and metrics
  • tensions in getting the best from traditional methods whilst pioneering innovations
  • demands in maintaining up-to-date knowledge of new insights, theories and technologies.

So how can L&D professionals stay at the forefront of practice and thinking?

The two most effective methods for professional development reported by L&D professionals are external conferences, workshops and events, and social and collaborative learning. For that reason, CIPD has launched and is expanding its innovative Leaders in Learning network.

The theme for the next round of CIPD Leaders in Learning network meetings running in February and March 2018 is: “Emerging Roles in L&D.”

These evenings will focus on two keys areas in which we are seeing new L&D skills and responsibilities emerging; performance and digital. 

Is your organisation prepared for the future of learning?

Work, the workforce and the workplace are changing fast! Organisations are having to quickly adapt to new business approaches, dispersed operational models, new technologies, increasing customer demands and diverse staff groups.

For each focus area, we will provide expert input using videos created specifically for the events to provoke our thinking and promote group discussion. Charles Jennings, Co-Founder at 70:20:10 Institute will focus on emerging performance roles in L&D and Ben Betts, CEO of HT2 Labs, which recently won multiple Learning Technology awards, will focus on emerging digital roles in L&D.

If you're interested in how L&D functions must evolve, make sure you join us at these thought-leading events.

Spring 2018 event dates

If you're already part of the network and would like to join us at one of the following events please email us by selecting your chosen location and provide your full name:

The CIPD Leaders in Learning Network is an invitation-only group for those L&D professionals leading learning in their organisation or leading practice as a consultant.

The group runs free-to-attend events 3-4 times a year in various locations within the UK for CIPD members and non-members.

These events give leaders the opportunity to:

  • network with other senior L&D leaders
  • focus on a specific L&D theme, with input from a subject expert followed by peer discussion
  • gain first-hand updates on CIPD research and initiatives
  • hear short presentations from network members to showcase innovative practice
  • socialise over food, wine and refreshments.

The network is consulted to shape the CIPD's L&D initiatives, and there are opportunities to take part in additional peer 'learning sets' and 'hackathons' to support thinking and innovation.

If you can demonstrate that you're a leader in learning and would like to be part of the Network please email us at leadersinlearning@cipd.co.uk confirming your role, organisation name and address, and some brief detail on how you're currently responsible for leading learning. Please note that we aim to respond within 48hrs.

The group is targeted at those in learning leadership roles, but if you don't fit this criteria and want to network with other L&D practitioners, stay informed on new developments and research within L&D and continue your own professional development, you'll find our Future of HR and Learning hub a great resource.

The Future of HR and Learning is a subscription-based hub of bite-sized digital content, curated by experts in the fields of HR and L&D. It's packed full of practical resources designed to support your CPD.

You can also stay connected by following us on Twitter #CIPDLiL where you will find blogs, information and insights from events.