Date: 13 - 14 February 2019 | Location: Marble Arch, London

[This Conference has now passed. Look back again for information on the 2020 event.]

Overcome skills shortages through effective recruitment and apprenticeships

Skill shortages are affecting organisations and recruiters across industries and sectors, negatively impacting business performance and productivity. The job market is now more candidate-driven than ever before and it’s increasingly difficult to find the right skills and expertise that will drive our organisations to succeed. We need to be more innovative in the way we reach and attract our talent if we want to secure the best employees for our businesses.

The 2019 CIPD Recruitment Conference and the newly launched CIPD Early Careers and Apprenticeships Conference was a great opportunity to learn the latest and most effective strategies to attract, select and recruit the talent you need in a challenging job market, increasingly threatened by changing landscape.