The CIPD’s purpose is to champion better work and working lives for the benefit of individuals, employers, the economy and society. This depends on public policymakers having the evidence they need to design interventions which help or encourage employers to tackle the big issues. Our public policy team in Scotland work to ensure that policymakers have this evidence through not only our research and insight, but engagement with our 11,000 Scottish members.

Our public policy priorities in Scotland include Job Quality and Fair Work; Education and Skills; Productivity and People Management. We draw on our extensive research and the expertise and experience of our members on the front-line to produce practical guidance and public policy for the benefit of employers, employees and policymakers.

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Influencing public policy in Scotland

12:00–13:00 GMT, Tuesday 10 November 2020: Online

This event provides an opportunity for CIPD members in Scotland to help influence the decisions made by the next Scottish Government through shaping our election manifesto

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