The CIPD Mentoring Programme is a member-to-member mentoring scheme where both parties involved are CIPD members representing the people profession.

What we do

  • We work with experts in the field of coaching and mentoring to provide a range of support in the form of videos, workbooks and webinars.
  • We provide a dedicated space for mentors and mentees to find one another, tap into the resources available, and share tips and advice. 
  • We leverage digital tools (like our online community, webinars and learning resources) to enable virtual relationships across the many countries in which our members operate.

Our programme is also connected with the CIPD branch network. This is ideal for members who:

  • prefer a local, face-to-face connection 
  • would like to be part of a regional initiative to help people professionals develop new skills and progress their careers.

What to expect

Once you sign the registration form and volunteering agreement we will:

  1. invite you to join us on the member-to member online community, where we'll discuss, debate and share ideas about best practices in mentoring 
  2. send you details about relevant induction webinars and events 
  3. connect you with your local branch and local mentoring programme for more learning activities and guidance (in those cases where your branch is leading on a mentoring initiative) 
  4. allow you to self-match with a mentee using the online community or, if possible, match you through your local branch
  5. send you our mentoring guidebook and step-by-step instructions on how to be an effective mentor.
We currently have mentees and mentors from a number of different countries, and a lot of our relationships tend to be partially or fully virtual. If you’re new to this kind of approach, we’ll provide plenty of guidance and support to show you how you can leverage a virtual mentoring relationship.

Get involved as a mentor

Please note that we're currently experiencing a shortage of mentors, so we're unable to accept any further mentee applications at this time.

If you're interested in in joining our mentoring programme as a mentor, please download the form below to register your interest.