We've all heard the same saying; people fall into HR, they don’t choose it. But we believe HR can be a hugely rewarding career, and young people deserve to be well informed about the full range of choices they have when choosing their options.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to give back to your local community, consider speaking to your local school about opportunities in HR. Share your story and open their eyes to a career they may have never even considered before.

If you'd like us to deliver any of the materials on this page to an event, please email careersupport@cipd.co.uk.

Hear from students on a recent HR careers workshop, delivered in partnership with Uptree

HR doesn’t fall under the common career paths that are often spoken about in schools


I didn’t know that there were so many sectors that HR is involved in, this means I can work in any sector and still work in HR.


HR is an expanding industry that is diverse and I have learnt that I have the skill sets required to succeed in a role in HR.



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