HR is shaping the new future of work

In celebration of International HR Day, 20 May, the CIPD is highlighting the vital contributions of the people profession and the role it plays in shaping the new future.

This year’s theme, HR shaping the new future, is about how the profession is leading change to improve working lives. 

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, people professionals stepped up to support people and organisations in adapting to a new normal. 

And as we look to the future, it’s important that the profession continues to lead change and doesn’t slip back into traditional ways of thinking and working that were prevalent before the pandemic.

The CIPD’s People Profession 2030: a collective view of future trends identifies five key trends that will have an impact on the future world of work and it explores what these trends mean for the positioning of the profession, and the skills and capabilities of people professionals and people teams going forward. 

This report, co-created with people professionals around the world, will help people professionals to position themselves at the heart of business and drive and shape the future of the profession over the next decade. 

Find out more about these five key trends and shape your future.

International HR Day takes place annually on 20 May, and is an initiative led by the European Association for People Management (EAPM) to recognise the important role of the HR profession.