In a Nutshell: Issue 100  

How has technology shaped the experience of employees across the UK during the COVID-19 crisis? Collating existing research, this author outlines how both essential and non-essential workers will have used and felt the impact of tech during the pandemic. 

Rebecca Peters

Reviewed by:

Rebecca Peters, Research Adviser

Rebecca joined the Research team in 2019, specialising in the area of health and well-being at work as both a practitioner and a researcher. Before joining the CIPD Rebecca worked part time at Kingston University in the Business School research department, where she worked on several research-driven projects. Additionally, Rebecca worked part time at a health & well-being consultancy where she facilitated various well-being workshops, both externally and in-house. 

Rebecca has a master’s degree in Occupational Psychology from Kingston University, where she conducted research on Prison Officers’ resilience and coping strategies. The output of this research consisted of a  behavioural framework which highlighted positive and negative strategies that Prison Officers used in their daily working life.  

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