In a Nutshell: Issue 114  

Despite the abolition of the two-year message from the UK government to ‘work from home’, employee expectations of flexible working, homeworking and hybrid working suggests working models have shifted for the foreseeable future. This article highlights the importance of creating good job design that enables work performance, improved employee wellbeing and improved motivation at work.

Rebecca Peters

Reviewed by:

Rebecca Peters, Research Adviser

Rebecca joined the Research team in 2019, specialising in the area of health and well-being at work as both a practitioner and a researcher. Before joining the CIPD Rebecca worked part time at Kingston University in the Business School research department, where she worked on several research-driven projects. Additionally, Rebecca worked part time at a health & well-being consultancy where she facilitated various well-being workshops, both externally and in-house. 

Rebecca has a master’s degree in Occupational Psychology from Kingston University, where she conducted research on Prison Officers’ resilience and coping strategies. The output of this research consisted of a  behavioural framework which highlighted positive and negative strategies that Prison Officers used in their daily working life.  

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