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CIPD Podcast 169 - Evidence-based L&D - 'Why does evidence matter?'

Date: 02/03/21 | Duration: 00:35:06

Are we too busy to learn? Is there a strong case for L&D in a cost-conscious environment? There is increasing demand on organisational departments to justify their spending and deliver measurable value. As a result, there is a steadily growing trend for L&D teams to present evidence-based practice to demonstrate growth and impact. Without tangible evidence, it is becoming increasingly harder for L&D professionals to inform strategic decision making or budget considerations.   

Join Nigel Cassidy and this month’s guests, Andy Lancaster, Head of Learning at the CIPD, Laura Overton, co-creator of Emerging Stronger, and Owen Ferguson, Chief Product Officer at Emerald Works, to hear how L&D professionals are moving to adopt evidence-based practice that drives forward impact.

Full transcript will be made available shortly.

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