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CIPD Podcast 172 - Evidence-based L&D: business-not-as-usual

Date: 09/06/21 | Duration: 00:27:02

In the face of the global pandemic, learning professionals have had to adjust swiftly to sweeping changes to how people work and connect and critically rethink learning delivery. However, a high level of uncertainty remains about what the future holds, with just 18% of organisations expecting learning strategy, investment, and resourcing to return to pre-pandemic levels.

Join Nigel Cassidy and this month’s guests, David Hayden, Digital Learning Portfolio Manager at the CIPD and Stella Collins, Co-Founder and Chief Learning officer at Stellar Labs, as we explore how learning practice adapted to overcome pandemic-induced challenges and to seize the opportunity for rethinking learning, to better fulfil the requirements of changing organisations.


Stella Collins MSc FITOL is co-founder and Chief Learning Officer at Stellar Labs, one of the Brain Ladies and the author of ‘Neuroscience for Learning and Development’. She has a clear understanding of the challenges faced by organisations in upskilling and reskilling their people, especially with digital change being so high on the agenda.

Stella and her team pragmatically apply principles from neuroscience and psychology to consult, design and build practical performance focused solutions with measurable ROI. She has trained thousands of learning professionals in brain-friendly principles over more than 20 years in L&D. |

Book: Neuroscience for Learning and Development -

Course: 6th July - ‘Transform your learning culture’ -

Transcript will be available soon...

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