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Can you be fair and treat people as individuals?

Fairness. It’s important. We all want the right to the same opportunities at work, no matter where...

3 days ago

Some staff object to their name, bio and picture on our website

Our organisation's website is having an overhaul and a page has been created with all our staff names...

Deferring Jury Service

Hello everyone We have a senior member of the firm who has been called for Jury Service. He has deferred...

Seriously... when does a heel become a 'high heel'?

This is all over the UK news media. Is it legal to force women to wear high heels at work? - BBC ...

from the blogs

Research blogger - Banking on culture: can we assume that the financial services are changing?


By Edward Houghton, Research Adviser - Human Capital and Metrics Buried deep in the news on New Year’s Eve was the revelation that the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) was cancelling its review into the culture of UK financial services . It&rsq...

John McGurk - Scotland the Blog: The double deluge on the Don and Dee means time for a granite renewal


I spoke with our network in The North east and Islands this week. The area has been hit recently by two deluges. The most pressing issue for the economy and Scotland’s is the deluge of Saudi oil driving the world price to below thirty dol...