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Depression within HR

Hi I have read the thread about lone working within HR with interest and wondered how people cope doing...

Grandparents sharing parental leave

So I believe Osborne has announced that parental leave will be able to be split across parents AND grandparents...

Astrology and recruitment

Hi there! I am currently pulling together a paper about resourcing and have stumbled across the fact...

Your Experiences of Membership Upgrading

Hi I have recently started a new job where I feel I maybe in a position to upgrade my membership. I would...
Judith Chen

5 days ago

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Research blogger - Ethics and professionalism are intimate bedfellows


By Laura Harrison, Director of People and Strategy Who’s the conscience of your organisation? Where’s its moral compass? Does it have one? Does it need one? The VW scandal has resurrected stories of rotten apples,...

Scotland the Blog - Scotland the Blog: Getting in too deep whilst flogging Fish


Its autumn two years into CIPD Scotland and time for reflection and resolve. Since what is effectively a start up business got going to deliver CIPD's offer in Scotland, we have achieved much but we have much to do. We have sought to work with our...