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What's happening with Diversity and Inclusion during the COVID-19 pandemic?

By  3 days ago

In a recent CIPD survey of 1,178 employers , conducted between 17-23 April , around two fifths of employers told us they thought that their prior investment in diversity and inclusion will help them respond effectively in a crisis to employee needs ...

'We have a key role to play and need to be bold' #HRtogether

By  3 days ago

Chris Jones is an HR Director at Kellogg’s supporting the UK & Ireland Market, as well as leading Commercial Capability for the European Organisation. There can be no doubt, this has been a time of change and adjustment! You may not know ...

What does the People Profession look like in 2020?

By  4 days ago

The CIPD People Profession survey 2020, in association with Workday, is an annual snapshot of what’s happening right now across the people profession. From the perspective of practitioners themselves, the survey gathers insight and data a...

What’s in a name?

By  4 days ago

Profession for the Future, the way we’ve described our work designed to help people professionals thrive in a changing world of work, is changing. From 27 May, it will be called The People Profession: now and for the future, or ‘now and f...

Three tips for the months ahead #HRtogether

By  4 days ago

Kelly Angus is Executive Director of HR/OD and Deputy Chief Executive at Northumberland County Council, EnglandSupporting the COVID-19 emergency response has been my sole focus for some eight to ten weeks now, and how life has changed for HR/OD. I ha...

We've turned our skills to new tasks to help our people and community

By  4 days ago

Pamela Forsyth is HR Business Partner Team Leader at Stirling Council in Scotland In these changed times we have all had to work very differently, and within HR we have had to learn how to undertake our function in very different ways. However w...

Working from home in Scotland – a permanent shift?

By  22 May, 2020 11:37

By Marek Zemanik, Senior Public Policy Adviser at CIPD Scotland Introduction One of the most immediate impacts of the coronavirus pandemic in the world of work has been the significant shift to homeworking across many sectors. Almost like a large...

Employees are the heartbeat of the organisation #HRtogether

By  21 May, 2020 10:12

Orla Rafferty, Chartered FCIPD, is an indepdendent HR consultant in Northern Irleand. In this video blog, Orla reminds employers how important it is to keep on communicating and keep on checking in with employees.

Crisis as catalyst: a Covid-19 leadership conversation with Rupert McNeil and Peter Cheese

By  20 May, 2020 15:34

‘Never let a good crisis go to waste’ is a phrase we are hearing with increasing regularity in discussions around the longer-term impact of the coronavirus crisis. This may make it a slightly hackneyed, but it doesn&...

Essential skills are profoundly human and more important than ever before

By  20 May, 2020 00:01

The world of work has been evolving faster than ever before . Rapid developments in technology, as well as attitudes and expectations have been shifting the nature of jobs and how and where we work, and these trends will very likely accelerate as outcomes...